So excited to see these gorgeous portraits released today!! President Barack Obama by Kehinde Wiley and Michelle Obama by Amy Sherald.  These portraits will be on view at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.  I remember when I lived in NYC, Mr. Wiley had a wonderful exhibit at Jeffrey Deitch.  I think it was the first “big” exhibit of his works (I put big in quotes, because, you know the art world – artists are only big once they are shown at certain galleries in NYC).  The May to June 2003 presentation was called “Faux/Real” – go HERE to view some pieces at this exhibit.  I was moved by the artwork for many reasons.  First off was simply viewing the painting talent of the artist with detail and humanistic portraiture.  Secondly, as a person viewing the art, you could see real people being treated and exhibited in a positive and powerful way.  I am excited to do some research to view more of Amy Sherald’s work.

Here is the wonderful video of the unveiling:

(Click on pix below to see the paintings better.)

The bacon puzzle was fun – bacon – yum!, puzzle – love!, and Aquarius – that’s me!

My Bacon Puzzle

My Bacon Puzzle

When a friend gave me this bacon puzzle, I knew it would take a while. But 6 months later, I am sooooo glad it’s done!  Usually, 1000-piece puzzles take me a few weeks.  They may take longer if the design has similar colors.

Longest time ever for you to try is here on AMAZON.

Birthday Present

Hi All!!
I am here to celebrate my birthday with you!
You all remember that a year and a half ago, a large brain tumor (an oligodendroglioma) was found in my head.  A big seizure occurred while I was at work, and my boss took me to the ER!  An MRI there showed us that a surgery was needed right away.  I was then lucky to have a great surgery that removed 90% of the tumor.  The tumor remains were then reduced through radiation and chemo treatment last year. You can find more details on my page, Brain Tumor on The Gail Spot.
I am truly thankful to be able to get back to myself, but I am now overwhelmed with the bills I receive.  My great surgeon wants to look at my brain to ensure it is healing properly — which means MRIs every 3 months.  While I am happy to have health insurance, I still must meet the deductible and out of pocket maximum before they will cover the bills.  I currently have a payment plan to pay off the last two years of bills at $3200.  There will be a new bill coming up in a couple of months when my MRIs start again at another $3000.
The biggest issue for me is the prescription the doctor has me stay on.  It is great to stop any possible seizures.  But it makes me randomly very nappy.  I have not been able to find a job for which I could work around my weird naps.  I have done some .com jobs to help start an income.
For my birthday, February 3rd, please say “Happy Birthday” through any small or medium or large donations through gofundme you would be willing to give.
I appreciate any support from my friends and family!


You may remember that last June one side of my head was bald following the chemo and radiation treatments. Well, I’m pretty excited that it’s getting longer! Woohoo – I can almost make a ponytail 🤣  It sure has been frustrating to have to wear baseball caps, scarves, cotton headbands, and, of course, hairpins.  But, hey, I am not upset really about going through this.  Just a part of getting all better and healing!

Hair 7 months after chemo & radiation

My hair 7 months after chemo & radiation