I haven’t listened to this song in a while.  Especially since an operation that removed the brain tumor in my head.

Now, I understand why it moved me so much at that time.  I was close to not being here anymore.

“I heard about a whirlwind that’s coming ’round
It’s gonna carry off all that isn’t bound, and
When it happens, when it happens (I’m gonna be holding on)
So let it happen, let it happen

All this running around
I can’t fight it much longer
Something’s trying to get out
And it’s never been closer
If my ticker fails
Make up some other story
But if I never come back
Tell my mother I’m sorry”
I guess I did know there was something going on in my head.  I was always afraid to die.  I still am, but it is slight.  I was really close to that.  I mean, that tumor has been growing in my head for over 30 years!  The doctors don’t even believe it.  Most people wouldn’t make it that far.

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Twin Peaks Limited Event Series

My Twin Peaks obsession is living inside me again!  Last year, Mr. David Lynch released a new series on Showtime.  It has the theme that the same nuance is occurring 25 years after the first series. I’m not going to lie – I wanted to watch it so very badly, but honestly, my brain was still healing after my brain tumor surgery and treatment, so I recorded all of it and held them.  I am actually glad that I didn’t watch the shows last year, because I may not have been able to process all the details shown in each episode.  And there are 18 episodes, yes, 18 hours of the return to Twin Peaks!

I am a little over halfway through now, and it is just amazing.  I am appreciating the original series and film even more.  This season is truly better and more detailed than the first parts.  I am sure some people don’t understand it.  To me, it is presenting how the positivity and negativity fight against each other constantly.  Plus, I believe that after what I’ve been through, I do see things differently and back to myself again. (Reminder – that one of the symptoms of a brain tumor is a lot of personality changes.)  Anyway, once I’ve watched it all, I can’t wait to discuss with friends who have seen this!!!  Please comment below if you have!

PS – If you want to watch Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series, it was released on DVD, which is currently on sale at Amazon.  The current lower price may not be there for very long!

I know I’m not the only Gail Anderson around.  Google doesn’t even bring me to the top! Ha ha!! (Until my husband does his great SEO work, which I am slowly learning)  But I did just come across this poster that was designed for another Gail Anderson.  I actually really like the design and feel like it sure represents me as well!

Gail Anderson

It does make me want to find out about other Gail Andersons in a rather strange way.  How different can we all be?  How similar?  How have we grown up?  What do we focus on?  Hmmm…this may be something I’ll start to look into more and more.

A BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed to my birthday present to help me pay off a big chunk of my brain tumor treatment medical bills (some are tagged – some, anonymous, and some people I don’t even know!!). Much appreciated — even more than what I can say here!!

Thank you to these friends, family members, and friends of friends:

Andrea B, Ashley R, Bess B, Betsy H, Bill Z, Brian P, Carol E, Catherine R, Christian E, Christopher C, Heather M, Jean T, Jeannie H, Jeffrey D, Joerg H, Katie D, Maja R, Mariana B, Mike A, Michael P, Mill C, Mina B, Paul E, Priscilla P, The Stamms, Susan E, Susan M, Tim R, Tracy C, and Will E. (+ 3 Anonymous givers)

If anyone else would like to assist, here’s the donation link.


Original post from 2/1/18:

Birthday Present

Hi All!!
I am here to celebrate my birthday with you!
You all remember that a year and a half ago, a large brain tumor (an oligodendroglioma) was found in my head.  A big seizure occurred while I was at work, and my boss took me to the ER!  An MRI there showed us that a surgery was needed right away.  I was then lucky to have a great surgery that removed 90% of the tumor.  The tumor remains were then reduced through radiation and chemo treatment last year.You can find more details on my page, Brain Tumor on The Gail Spot.
I am truly thankful to be able to get back to myself, but I am now overwhelmed with the bills I receive.  My great surgeon wants to look at my brain to ensure it is healing properly — which means MRIs every 3 months.  While I am happy to have health insurance, I still must meet the deductible and out of pocket maximum before they will cover the bills.  I currently have a payment plan to pay off the last two years of bills at $3200.  There will be a new bill coming up in a couple of months when my MRIs start again at another $3000.
The biggest issue for me is the prescription the doctor has me stay on.  It is great to stop any possible seizures.  But it makes me randomly very nappy.  I have not been able to find a job for which I could work around my weird naps.  I have done some .com jobs to help start an income.
For my birthday, February 3rd, please say “Happy Birthday” through any small or medium or large donations through gofundme you would be willing to give.
I appreciate any support from my friends and family!