A song that has been staying with me frequently. It is “Lemon Glow” by Beach House.

“See this state I’m in
Is crawling in my skin
Fevers took me back
And turned me inside out

When you turn the lights down low
Lemon color, honey glow

It’s what you do
This pulls me through
To the other end
Where it begins
You see through me
Still, it’s coming back
I come alive
You stay all night”

It seems to be my current theme.  My brain has healed a lot.  I know it’s getting ready to do more.  First, I’ve started my own business and have completed a few tasks.  Now, it will start to get busier.  That’s great, but can be overwhelming for me on some days.  But I have gotten closer to myself, and the challenges I have in my head now are nothing compared to the past – pre- and post-brain tumor removal operation!

PS – My brain makes it tough for me to watch that! But I love the song!

I was so happy after yesterday’s surgeon appointment that art took over!

I stopped at the USF Contemporary Art Museum and got to see some great art in an exhibition by students who are graduating this month. I was also excited to see one of the flags (launched that day was by LaToya Ruby Frazier) involved in the Creative Time’s Pledges of Allegiance.

Once home, Mike and I stopped at a great park nearby, Wall Springs, where we know how to sneak in during construction. Locals – spoke to some workers and this should be reopened in a couple of weeks.

Today, Mike, Betty, and I visited with my brain surgeon, Dr. Arnold Etame, and the remnants of the tumor have continued to shrink. Yay! Even closer and back to myself!!
I also shared a pic from my fun MRI spot two days ago with the great Ryan McGinness art that I love to visit. Oh yeah, they made me strip, even though it’s only my head they scan 😄
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Family meet-up today. So great to catch up with aunts and uncles (and Mom)!

We drove down to Sarasota to see the Elliotts, who are technically a 2nd cousin, but I consider an aunt and uncle.  I can’t believe they are sooooo close and we don’t see them often at all!!  Well, there are changes with me going back to myself 😉  We had a nice brunch together, then got to eat yummy Key Lime at Richard & Carol’s home.

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Mike and I took a nice afternoon visit to a new art space, MIZE Gallery, to catch up with owner/artist Chad Mize. He has just launched a great gallery with this first art show, in which 100 artists made a painting about a film.  It was hard not to purchase a few!!  We then went slightly north for a stop by Sunken Gardens to see more butterfly love.  And sure enough, we did!  Wow!  The happy monarch butterflies were going crazy and flying around in circles.

And after that, Mike and I stopped by a yummy spot for goodies, Trader Joe’s.  Is it crazy that was my second time to stop at Trader Joe’s and Mike’s first???  I am personally loving the quality and pricing, so I hope they open one closer to us.

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