Crystal Beach Sunset

September Sunset

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Mike and I headed over to our local spot, Crystal Beach, to view the sunset.  It was so very pretty!  And crazy that we have not been over there for quite some time!!  Have a view of my photos below: It was a great stop — we got to chat with two other locals and see how things are going…

Dr. Etame & Gail

Visit with Dr. Etame – My Brain Surgeon

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I got to see Dr. Etame, the neurosurgeon who took out my oligodendroglioma brain tumor two years ago. (Yes, I had my 2 year craniversary last week!)  He reviewed the MRI and says it is looking good!  Yay!!  Not much has changed in my brain.  The healing continues! Monday was the MRI day at the Moffitt Center.  Got to see the…


Monarch Love

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Yes, I am slightly obsessed with the monarch butterfly and their babies.  I started to purchase their particular plant, the milkweed.  It tends to seed, which is even better!  And more monarch-loved milkweed plants for my garden!  Here are some recent pictures from a recent population time.  You can see the milkweed with their pretty yellow blossoms.  The monarchs themselves…

Honeymoon Island

Friend-ly Weekend

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It was so great that neighborhood friends had the family visiting again.  We got to have a wonderful dinner with them at one of our favorite local spots, Fireside Pizza Cafe.  (I also appreciate them, because they have allowed a photo I took there to remain on the front page of their Google Maps spot!) We then met up with…

Foof the Cat

Foof the Cat’s Site

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Foof the Cat is one of my two cats.  He has such a great personality that I launched a website for him about a year ago.  Please go check it out – Foof the Cat!  I just updated the site and added a lot more content about Foof and his BFF Sam. Here are some photos of this cutie kitty…

4th of July 2018

The 4th of July 2018

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We are quite lucky to have some great neighbors.  Even better, one home has a family that Mike has known for probably 30 years – the Diaz family!  We got to go right across our street and hang out to celebrate our 4th of July. Here are some pictures of us hanging out with the Diaz family and enjoying ourselves.

Jarred's Birthday

Birthday Golfing

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We took a trip across the bay to hang out with some friends to celebrate a birthday.  We all met up at TopGolf.  That was a very fun place to hang out.  And I am much better at golfing than I thought I was (no training!).  Even more important was to hang out with Mike’s close friend, his wife, and…