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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Here is my new theme: A great family was here and all doing the deliciousness for me since I’m not totally healed yet. Thank you, Mike Arhangelsky, Helen Arhangelsky,  and Carrie Elizabeth Johnson!!!!

The Cube is back in NYC

The Cube is Back!

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The Cube is back officially now at Astor Place in NYC! I used to pass that thing all the time when I lived nearby…and recently re-saw it in this movie “Loser” from 2000 (and took bad pic of TV) –…

Out to Eat - Yay!

Eat Out

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I’m proud to announce this is the first time eating out for a long time – I sure haven’t been able to leave the house long enough to place order, wait, and eat.  Yes, the prescriptions make me still nap…

Memento Gathering


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  Found a bunch of aged matches…from many different states & countries, and one I think is from college! Do these still exist? But there are some memories as well! Is it strange that the matchbook reminding me of different…