Mask Shopping on Chemo

Not Getting Sick!

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So, yes, the chemo has made me weak, sleepy, pretty boring.  But I still need to get out of the house for a bit.  I visit to pick up some food and supplies means a strong mask is needed.  I…

College Graduation in 1997

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It was 20 years ago graduating from Smith College. I’m pretty gosh darn upset I can’t be there due to my radiation and chemo treatment for the reunion to see and catch up with my fellow grads, but excited how…

Brain Tumor Chemo

Too Much Radiation and Chemo

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My Facebook Post: Update: Today would have been the end of my radiation treatment, but 2 weeks ago after 4 weeks of zaps, my blood parts went down like crazy. The chemo pills had caused low platelets and white blood…

Happy Mom's Day

It’s Mom’s Day!

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Happy Mom’s Day!!!! Thank you, Mom, for all you have done for me!!!! Your support has been amazing throughout the years. (And here’s a late 80s pic with my Nana as well, another great Mom in the family.)

Our 7th Wedding Anniversary
Double Rainbow
Mike & Gail April 2004

Dressed Up Flashback

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Since it’s the #MetGala tonight, here is a throwback when Mike Arhangelsky and I went to one in April ’04. Remember, we had just met in February!  Great show and after-party with a performance by Pharrell Williams and the Neptunes. We were lucky to…