So excited to see these gorgeous portraits released today!! President Barack Obama by Kehinde Wiley and Michelle Obama by Amy Sherald.  I remember when I lived in NYC, Mr. Wiley had a wonderful exhibit at Jeffrey Deitch.  I think it was the first “big” exhibit of his works (I put big in quotes, because, you know the art world – artists are only big once they are shown at certain galleries in NYC).  The 2003 presentation was called “Faux/Real” – go HERE to view some pieces at this exhibit.  I was moved by the artwork for many reasons.  First off was simply viewing the painting talent of the artist.  Secondly, as a person viewing the art, you could see real people being treated and exhibited in a positive and powerful way.  I am excited to do some research to view more of Amy Sherald’s work.

(Click on pix below to see the paintings better.)

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