You may remember that last June one side of my head was bald following the chemo and radiation treatments. Well, I’m pretty excited that it’s getting longer! Woohoo – I can almost make a ponytail¬†ūü§£¬† It sure has been frustrating to have to wear baseball caps, scarves, cotton headbands, and, of course, hairpins.¬† But, hey, I am not upset really about going through this.¬† Just a part of getting all better and healing!

Hair 7 months after chemo & radiation

My hair 7 months after chemo & radiation

Me & Dr Etame

Me & Dr Etame

The visit with my brain surgeon,¬†Dr. Etame¬†at Moffitt, was excellent today! MRI shows that flair has diminished greatly since the last visit in September. This should continue to decrease and heal in my brain!¬† He also reviewed how he carefully conducted his surgery to avoid any blood vessels in my brain and take out as much as he could while he continued to chat with me (Yes, I was “awake!”).¬† He is also allowing me to cut back my Keppra medicine, so those undereye circles should hopefully diminish.

Here is a pic below from my visit two days ago for the MRI at the Moffitt spot a tad closer to home.¬† Gwen Bowden did a ton of pictures of my brain two days ago.¬† She did a great job to help the doctors see details of what is going on in there. It was also really nice to read the MRI report by another doctor that says, “In comparison to prior examination, there are stable surgical treatment changes left temporal craniotomy and corticectomy. There is stable non-enhancing oligodendroglioma in the left insular, frontal, and temporal opercular cortex as well as in the mesial left temporal lobe. There is no MRI evidence of interval tumor growth or angiogenesis.¬†¬†Remainder of brain is stable. No new findings are identified.”

Me & Gwen Bowden

Me & Gwen Bowden

Thank you for supporting Oligo research!

Thank you to everyone who donated to a great organization, Oligo Nation, that helps to research my brain tumor and how to eradicate it!! My goal was to donate $1000, and we got to $1150!! Woop, woop!
If anyone would like to support the Oligo Nation, please head right to their site:

The donations are from my friends and relatives: Holly C, Gina C, Barb M, John A, Vicki C, Tracy I, Chris C, Carol P, Katie D, Jorge C, Heather S, Maja R, Jackie W, Kevin D, Taryn S, Deb S, Chris P, Dawn L, Ethan K, Kim M, Tanis H, Lynda M, and Matty J!!!


OK, OK, this book did not release today. But I found out about a book written by a woman who certainly helped me! She had a similar brain tumor situation as I did!¬† Her’s is a¬†Pilocytic Astrocytoma, while mine is an¬†Oligodendroglioma.

Ms. Geraline DeRuiter writes a lot on her blog, The Everywhereist.¬† Her blog is mainly about travel,¬†but she also has some great pieces about how she went through having a brain tumor (see the blog¬†topic here).¬† She continued on her travel passion even after having brain tumor surgery and healing.¬† I am excited to read all about her overall life experiences in her book called “All Over the Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft.”¬† After reading a lot on her site, this book looks like it will be a great one!¬† (FYI, if anyone wants to buy on the Amazon site right now, there is also currently a $5 off $15 or more on your purchase of printed books – use promo code BOOKGIFT17.¬† Not sure when, but this promo code will expire sometime soon.)