In Progress!

Here are some other places to find THEGAILSPOT!  (Although, apparently if you Google “thegailspot”, you will find me as well!)

  • Don’t use Instagram that much.  But probably will now that Facebook purchased and united.
  • A quite detailed résumé at the Linkedin site.
  • Pinterest is simply an obsessive place for me.  I can spend hours easily.
  • Tumblr with my pretty, artsy posts.
  • My Twitter locale…don’t use that very often.
  • Check out some funny and unique videos I post on YouTube.  Please feel free to subscribe to my channel there.
  • My site with a blog from 2003 to 2006 is found on the Archive page here.
  • Started a blog about family tree research a few years ago.  Check out Root – Branch – Nest.
  • Launched in 2017 is a site all about one of my cats, Foof.  Foof the Cat is a fun, personable site that shares photos and videos of him.

And here are some of my FAMILY members:

  • My nephew, Taylor Queen, is a wonderful photographer – spent a lot of time serving us and taking pictures in the Air Force.  He now runs his own photography service, Royal Customer Photography, which is also available to follow on a Facebook page.

And here are FRIENDS:

  • Aly Borst is a wonderful Kundalini yoga teacher in the Berkeley/Oakland, CA area.  You can learn more at her site, The Purest Light.
  • Beinghunted is now a brand agency with an art gallery that Joerg Haas leads in Berlin, Germany.  Previously, there was a well-known blog and on line shop that I helped him with a lot, including interviews.  These “old” items can be found on the site’s archive.