Me and My Sis

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Just have to share this pic because it’s me and my sister!! She came for a whole week to drive me back and forth to get my “zaps” (radiation) treatment.  And made delicious, healthy meals daily.  Such a wonderful time with her!! Even though I am getting really tired!

My Mask

Radiation – Halfway Done

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Radiology treatments (what I call my daily zaps) are almost half way complete with a positive, wonderful group! They even let my Mom, Betty Anderson, take pix, lol! Thank you to my daily drivers: Hillie Kupersmith and Carrie Elizabeth Johnson! And Mike Arhangelsky taking me there at any time and making me yummy dinners.

Love Rock

Positive Rock-work

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From Facebook: Sharing with you, friends! Not sure if this painting-a-rock is something happening all over, but it’s pretty big around here. Found a perfect one where I’ve been going daily for my radiation treatment!

Twin Peaks Relaunch
Brain Tumor before Operation - August 2016

Heading in for Treatment

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From my Facebook post: Yes, that tumor was quite big! And now it’s much smaller. It has actually even reduced size from after the August surgery. I’m heading for 6 weeks of radiation to get rid of the small bit that is there.  I will also have chemo pills to take as well. I will be sleepy a lot again…

Happy Twin Peaks Day