I’m proud to announce this is the first time eating out for a long time – I sure haven’t been able to leave the house long enough to place order, wait, and eat.  Yes, the prescriptions make me still nap a lot.  This sushi restaurant is one of our favorite spots.  And it’s called Mike’s!  Perfect!  Yes, I did have some points at the restaurant with some weird feelings of being out of it and nervous, then tired, then fine.  We made it through, and it was delicious! Very worth it to challenge myself and to heal.

Here we are:

Out to Eat - Yay! Out to Eat - Yay!

Memento Gathering


Found a bunch of aged matches…from many different states & countries, and one I think is from college! Do these still exist? But there are some memories as well! Is it strange that the matchbook reminding me of different visits with so many people? These remind me of many friends: Aly, Lyn, Katherine, Mike, Shane, Steven, Tanis & Taryn….


I want to thank everyone who has sent their support and great feelings to me! So many things have meant so very much to me: a comment, a card, a plant, a posting, a bouquet, a coffee mug, edible arrangement, a puzzle, magazines, a coloring book, and so many awesome items!

Brain Painting

Update: Been feeling better overall now!  Still taking a prescription that makes me tired, but it means that it helps the healing in my head.  Some days feel great, but some days I still have points in pain as they heal.  I am not allowed to drive due to the prescription, so a lot of home activity!  I can’t stop saying thank you to everyone for the wonderful messages you send!! PS – the photo above is from a great site that is perfect & funny to understand what this recovery time is all about!! Check out a woman’s advice here, “20 Things You Can Expect After Brain Surgery”.

[PPS – I told you that it is an oligodendroglioma that was/small bit left in my head.  I would say not to “google” the word, since lots of info comes up and the scary seems to be first.  Please let me know if you have any questions.]


Gosh, so nervous today.  I do mainly think it’s from the anti-seizure prescription as well.  Before the operation, they had given me this as well in a much lower milligrams, but it really made my nerves ultra high before.  Then, I was nervous about having an operation. Now it’s the healing – some things not compete.  Some days feel almost normal, some not really.  Most of the issues are in the morning.  Then by the afternoon feel almost normal nowadays.  So yesterday I spent almost 1.5 hours outside working on chopping things that have overgrown in the backyard. Then in the evening, got really tired and this AM felt really tired and asleep.  I did get up at normal time and do a walk outside.  And then went to sleep for about a ½ hour.  By 1130 am had lunch ready…and once eaten, I am now feeling better.  But all morning I was nervous, especially after taking prescription in morning.  I need to figure out how to not let it overtake me.

Wow… I thought I didn’t write a lot in August… September was even worse!  I guess I don’t need to make up reasoning.  That being said, I am finally just about normal in the afternoon now.  The mornings are still rough with something hurting and me still being sleepy.  The biggest issue is the prescription that helps to keep me from having any seizures – I take the maximum allowed at 730am and again at 730pm.  It is really supposed to keep you in a trace/slow feeling, so you are healing.  But it is very strong.