Dali + Duchamp

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Yay!  I got to a museum before the exhibit closes!  It’s bad for me to write that… but I know when I had a big brain tumor, I did not get out much.  I am happy now to be feeling better and getting to see art again.  I’ve really missed it!  So, today I drove myself down to The Dali…

Mother's Day Weekend

Mom’s Day

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For Mom’s Day, Mike and I traveled down to Cape Coral to see who? Yes, my Mom!  As well as my Aunt and Uncle who also live there.  We had a great time!  And Chef Mike did a nice brunch on Sunday for the special day. Thank you, Mom, for all your support!!! She really has done a lot more…

Dinner with the Kupersmiths

Dinner with Neighbors

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We went out to a nice, fun dinner with our neighbors, the Kupersmiths.  We went to the yummy restaurant, Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grill, which is known for its fresh seafood. The resto has a great spot in Tarpon Springs.  It is even better to sit in the outside area to watch the sunset.  PS – we also got to hear a guy…

Graphicstudio at USF

Visit to the Graphicstudio

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Wow!  I heard about some amazing artists using this space, the USF Graphicstudio, to develop their ideas, to try methods to print their art, and to teach students.  Once a year, Graphicstudio does an open house and offers some of the prints to purchase.  I really want to be rich to simply buy art!  Here is an artist list of…

May is Gray & Brain Tumor Awareness

May + Gray = Brain Tumor Awareness

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Here’s a pic of me last year being treated to get the leftover bit of the brain tumor after a great surgery to shrink away with chemo and radiation. I’ll try to let everyone know some of my knowledge of brain tumors this month. Friends, please let me know if you have any questions! PS – I knew I loved gray…

2018 - Glowing Song

Glowing Song

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A song that has been staying with me frequently. It is “Lemon Glow” by Beach House. “See this state I’m in Is crawling in my skin Fevers took me back And turned me inside out When you turn the lights down low Lemon color, honey glow It’s what you do This pulls me through To the other end Where it…

Mike + Gail at Wall Springs

Human & Nature Art

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I was so happy after yesterday’s surgeon appointment that art took over! I stopped at the USF Contemporary Art Museum and got to see some great art in an exhibition by students who are graduating this month. I was also excited to see one of the flags (launched that day was by LaToya Ruby Frazier) involved in the Creative Time’s Pledges…