Twin Peaks Limited Event Series

My Twin Peaks Obsession

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My Twin Peaks obsession is living inside me again!  Last year, Mr. David Lynch released a new series on Showtime.  It has the theme that the same nuance is occurring 25 years after the first series. I’m not going to lie – I wanted to watch it so very badly, but honestly, my brain was still healing after my brain tumor…

Thank You for my Birthday Presents!

What Great Birthday Presents!

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Thank you again to everyone who gave me a birthday present! You have helped me pay a BIG chunk of my bills from all my brain tumor doctor’s visits over the past year and a half. I very much appreciate each of you!!! Here’s the GoFundMe site:

Gail Anderson

Another Gail Anderson

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I know I’m not the only Gail Anderson around.  Google doesn’t even bring me to the top! Ha ha!! (Until my husband does his great SEO work, which I am slowly learning)  But I did just come across this poster that was designed for another Gail Anderson.  I actually really like the design and feel like it sure represents me…

Birthday Present

STILL ON: My Birthday Present Request

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A BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed to my birthday present to help me pay off a big chunk of my brain tumor treatment medical bills (some are tagged – some, anonymous, and some people I don’t even know!!). Much appreciated — even more than what I can say here!! Thank you to these friends, family members, and…

9 Years on Tumblr

Wow! 9 Years of Tumblr

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I know I’ve been in and out on Tumblr, but I’m surprised that it was 9 years ago that I signed up for it. Pretty nice that they send out a fun birthday/anniversary style email 😉 I do enjoy a lot of the various beautiful photos and art that are posted on Tumblr.  What do you think of that site? …

President Obama by Kehinde Wiley

Presidential Portraits

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So excited to see these gorgeous portraits released today!! President Barack Obama by Kehinde Wiley and Michelle Obama by Amy Sherald.  These portraits will be on view at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.  I remember when I lived in NYC, Mr. Wiley had a wonderful exhibit at Jeffrey Deitch.  I think it was the first “big” exhibit of his works (I put big in quotes, because,…