Hello all!  I am working on The Gail Spot site a lot.  Thank you for stopping by!  I will be adding more blog posts from now and from a couple of years before now.  These will be mostly open posts about going through and learning about a brain tumor.  I am also working on adding more pages with information that I come across;  of course, that will only be topics that I love!

You will also notice an addition of advertisements here.  The main idea is to assist in paying off all the remaining surgery and treatment bills.  Any clicks are welcome!

You are free to add any comments on any posts!  Good or bad, I’ll take it 😉

Today I went to Moffitt with Mike and my Mom, Betty, and saw my brain surgeon/neurologist, Dr. Etamé.  We looked through the MRI information with Dr. Etamé.  He always explains his research and findings quite specific in an open, understanding manner.  So, generally speaking, the leftovers in my brain have diminished since our last visit and MRI three months ago.

Overall, it’s looking good in there!

Me with Dr Etamé

Dinner with a nice sunset 🌅  Yes, I’m still a tad bit nervous after having an MRI of my brain today.  But I try to ignore it!!