It’s Foof!

This article below has inspired me! Mike Arhangelsky and I always laugh and smile because of our cat.

And then say, yeah, he should have his own site. Well, finally, that site is under way, but Facebook page is already started! We’re going for it, so check is out and please like Foof:

The inspiration was a Mashable posting: “NPR accidentally posts about a cat on its Facebook, now people want more of the cat”


PS (10/10/17 addition): Foof the Cat also has a WEBSITE being built!

Hello all!  I am working on The Gail Spot site a lot.  Thank you for stopping by!  I will be adding more blog posts from now and from a couple of years before now.  These will be mostly open posts about going through and learning about a brain tumor.  I am also working on adding more pages with information that I come across;  of course, that will only be topics that I love!

You will also notice an addition of advertisements here.  The main idea is to assist in paying off all the remaining surgery and treatment bills.  Any clicks are welcome!

You are free to add any comments on any posts!  Good or bad, I’ll take it 😉