The Fam

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Pretty excited to head down to Cape Coral to see my Mom and two sets of aunt & uncle. I have not seen John and Lyn for years, with my issue and their issues. It was really awesome to see them!! We stayed for the weekend and ate A LOT of food. Mike cooked the yummy steak, while my Mom…

Notre Dame in 1995

Love for Notre Dame

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I was so sad to see the Notre Dame burning in Paris. It really turned my afternoon around. I was stuck to the news on TV, as well as visiting many Parisian newspapers. As you may know, I am not a religious person. But having lived in Paris for a year and visited afterward, I always stopped by the Notre…

Foof the Cat


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I guess I have been busy at work, which is making websites for others. Well, I did not intend to forget about thegailspot. There was a lot going on – holidays, birthdays, house (re)construction, family visiting, etc, etc… But that was no excuse! So here are some nice photos from the past few months. Please enjoy! And I am sure…

Me & Dr. Arnold Etame

Visit with My Brain Surgeon Dr. Etame

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As you (might) know, over two years ago a large brain tumor was found in my head.  Dr. Arnold Etame conducted the surgery in August 2016.  I visit him a few times each year to see how my brain is healing.  Today, Mike, my Mom, and I went to see my brain surgeon to see the results from the MRI…

Frank Lloyd Wright at Florida Southern College

Artsy Lakeland Visit

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Last Thursday I remembered that the art exhibit I really wanted to see would be closing this weekend.  I talked Mike into going to Lakeland, FL with me too see some art! Sure, it was almost an hour and a half drive each way, but not too far away.  And a nice and warm day down here in Florida! We…

Cape Coral at Thanksgiving

Turkey Day 2018

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We went south to celebrate Thanksgiving with my side of the family in Cape Coral.  Mike and I had a great time to hang out with the gang of the Andersons and the Maillets.  Enjoy the photos below (feel free to click on one to make them bigger!)  We sure ate a lot at Barb & Bruce’s for two nights of…

Museum of Fine Art, St Petersburg

Selfie Lover

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It’s true – I am overall a lover of selfies, but sometimes they can annoy me.  So I headed to St. Pete to check out an art exhibit titled, “This is Not a Selfie” at the Museum of Fine Arts.  This exhibit featured photographic self-portraits from many different artists.  It had some great pieces overall.  And the museum decided to…