Gosh, so nervous today.  I do mainly think it’s from the anti-seizure prescription as well.  Before the operation, they had given me this as well in a much lower milligrams, but it really made my nerves ultra high before.  Then, I was nervous about having an operation. Now it’s the healing – some things not compete.  Some days feel almost normal, some not really.  Most of the issues are in the morning.  Then by the afternoon feel almost normal nowadays.  So yesterday I spent almost 1.5 hours outside working on chopping things that have overgrown in the backyard. Then in the evening, got really tired and this AM felt really tired and asleep.  I did get up at normal time and do a walk outside.  And then went to sleep for about a ½ hour.  By 1130 am had lunch ready…and once eaten, I am now feeling better.  But all morning I was nervous, especially after taking prescription in morning.  I need to figure out how to not let it overtake me.

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