An MRI at the Emergency Room

On today last year, I started the day with my daily walk around my neighborhood pond during the sunrise view (see on the right).  Next, shower and get ready for work.  I would be a tad late, because we had the exciting new dish washer installed.  Once complete, I then went to work. The Olympics would open that evening, and I was sooooo excited to watch while cleaning dishes in the new dish washer – lol!


That afternoon, I had another usual anxiety attack, but this time right in front of my manager, Jackie W. I was very embarrassed that this had happened at work.  She knew immediately it was a seizure and (THANK YOU!) took me to the local emergency room for an examination. When I think back, my anxiousness had become stronger and more frequent.  I just thought I should go find a therapist, and I would be OK.  But at the ER, my husband, Mike A, and I found out after an MRI that I had a brain tumor.

While I was very scared, it made me know there was a reason for those seizures and we would get them out of me!  I stayed in the hospital a few days (and watched the Olympics!).  The doctors and nurses there treated me so well.  There was even a great view of Clearwater Beach from there.  While we initially thought I would get my tumor removed as soon as possible, we decided to go get some other opinions to ensure we had the right neurosurgeon for me.


Here I am today; even though still tired at times and healing still in the works, I appreciate every day!! Yes, the unicorn can show that dreams can come true!!


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