Book Release Day!

My Smith College friend, Claudia Chan Wagner, has a wonderful book releasing today! Claudia is also the founder of the S.H.E. Summit, an annual leadership conference in NYC.  Please check this out — it is so needed at this point of time. Here is a link:

How We Rise


From Claudia: “TODAY is the official launch of my book THIS IS HOW WE RISE. It is a practical blueprint I have written to encourage all men and women to join a new breed of leaders and become change agents for gender equality in their everyday lives. I cannot think of a more necessary time in history that we need a book on this subject. After a 10-year journey of spiritual and personal growth, and a career devoted to women’s empowerment, I believe the key to getting to gender parity in this lifetime means rooting our lives in a purpose far greater than personal success and getting everyone–women and men–to work together for social change. Rise today and get this book for yourself and the organization you work for! #HowWeRise


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