Fundraiser for Oligo Nation

Fundraising for Brain Tumors#GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday – A special day nationwide to help raise money for many 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organizations.  I selected one, Oligo Nation, that has a great reason to research Oligo brain tumors (the one in my head) – and the foundation was started after two sons had it! They have already donated a lot of money to research on combating the Oligo tumors.  Please click here to donate!  (The Gates Foundation will donate $2m in matching donations through Facebook this year!)


3 thoughts on “Fundraiser for Oligo Nation

  1. Ends tonight! And made it to GOAL! Yay!!
    Thank you soooo very much to all the givers:
    *Holly C
    *Gina C
    *Barb M
    *John A
    *Vicki C
    *Tracy I
    *Chris C
    *Carol P
    *Katie D
    *Jorge C
    *Heather S
    *Maja R
    *Jackie W
    *Kevin D
    *Taryn S
    *Deb S
    *Chris P
    *Dawn L
    *Ethan K
    *Kim M
    *Tanis H

  2. This fundraiser has now ended…and we made it over my $1000 goal to $1150!!
    Thank you to more givers:
    *Lynda M
    *Matty J


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