My Twin Peaks Obsession

Twin Peaks Limited Event Series

My Twin Peaks obsession is living inside me again!  Last year, Mr. David Lynch released a new series on Showtime.  It has the theme that the same nuance is occurring 25 years after the first series. I’m not going to lie – I wanted to watch it so very badly, but honestly, my brain was still healing after my brain tumor surgery and treatment, so I recorded all of it and held them.  I am actually glad that I didn’t watch the shows last year, because I may not have been able to process all the details shown in each episode.  And there are 18 episodes, yes, 18 hours of the return to Twin Peaks!

I am a little over halfway through now, and it is just amazing.  I am appreciating the original series and film even more.  This season is truly better and more detailed than the first parts.  I am sure some people don’t understand it.  To me, it is presenting how the positivity and negativity fight against each other constantly.  Plus, I believe that after what I’ve been through, I do see things differently and back to myself again. (Reminder – that one of the symptoms of a brain tumor is a lot of personality changes.)  Anyway, once I’ve watched it all, I can’t wait to discuss with friends who have seen this!!!  Please comment below if you have!

PS – If you want to watch Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series, it was released on DVD, which is currently on sale at Amazon.  The current lower price may not be there for very long!

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