Glowing Song

A song that has been staying with me frequently. It is “Lemon Glow” by Beach House.

“See this state I’m in
Is crawling in my skin
Fevers took me back
And turned me inside out

When you turn the lights down low
Lemon color, honey glow

It’s what you do
This pulls me through
To the other end
Where it begins
You see through me
Still, it’s coming back
I come alive
You stay all night”

It seems to be my current theme.  My brain has healed a lot.  I know it’s getting ready to do more.  First, I’ve started my own business and have completed a few tasks.  Now, it will start to get busier.  That’s great, but can be overwhelming for me on some days.  But I have gotten closer to myself, and the challenges I have in my head now are nothing compared to the past – pre- and post-brain tumor removal operation!

PS – My brain makes it tough for me to watch that black and white rotation! But I love the song!

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