Dali + Duchamp

Yay!  I got to a museum before the exhibit closes!  It’s bad for me to write that… but I know when I had a big brain tumor, I did not get out much.  I am happy now to be feeling better and getting to see art again.  I’ve really missed it!  So, today I drove myself down to The Dali Museum for a great exhibit, Dali/Duchamp, about his rapport with premium artist Marcel Duchamp.

Duchamp really was a pioneer at that time.  No one else had really attempted to simplify art literally.  And now if someone did something similar, it would just feel like a Duchamp copy.  Duchamp started his work with Dali in Surrealism.  They continued to stay in touch, even though their artwork took different paths.  Don’t forget — Duchamp created the art called Dada.  It was also great to go and see items I haven’t seen since living in Paris back in 1995-96.  It got my brain moving again.

Of course, taking photos in the museum is not allowed.  But, of course, I did anyway when no one was looking.  Here are a few of the great items included in this exhibit:

I also took more pictures inside and outside the museum.  They have a great garden area with a labyrinth.  And a friend of mine, Chad Mize, designed the t-shirts they are offering for this exhibit.



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