Visit with Dr. Etame – My Brain Surgeon

Dr. Etame & Gail

I got to see Dr. Etame, the neurosurgeon who took out my oligodendroglioma brain tumor two years ago. (Yes, I had my 2 year craniversary last week!)  He reviewed the MRI and says it is looking good!  Yay!!  Not much has changed in my brain.  The healing continues!

Monday was the MRI day at the Moffitt Center.  Got to see the great women, Gwen Bowden and Jennifer Carlson, who do that MRI for me every 4 months.  I always get more nervous for the MRI than to actually meeting with the surgeon, but they are very positive and friendly here at Moffitt.  I appreciate their support!  I also shared a photo below that you may not understand — it was a gauge I call the “Blood Finder” that one of the nurses used to see my blood’s veins.  I am not sure why I’ve never seen this before, but it was pretty cool.

Today, I made Mike and my Mom stop by the USF Contemporary Art Museum (Moffitt is a part of USF).  I had to see the posting of all the wonderful flags they have had up this year.  They are part of Creative Time‘s presentation across the country called “Pledges of Allegiance.”  Unfortunately, the windy afternoon storms hitting us daily has some of the flags crunched up.  Luckily, two I love were flying around today.  My favorite, of course, is the “Resist” by Marilyn Minter.  I am also loving the recent work by Alex da Corte;  his flag is “Friends” here.

PS – The cats, Sam and Foof, seemed to want lots of attention once back home!!

Please see more photos from the happenings this week (click to see bigger pix, if you’d like):


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