Selfie Lover

It’s true – I am overall a lover of selfies, but sometimes they can annoy me.  So I headed to St. Pete to check out an art exhibit titled, “This is Not a Selfie” at the Museum of Fine Arts.  This exhibit featured photographic self-portraits from many different artists.  It had some great pieces overall.  And the museum decided to include random spaces for voyeurs to take self-portraits.  Did I do it?  Yes, of course!  But then I got rather annoyed, seeing other people spending more time in these sections of the exhibit than on the “true” art!  I think I even saw a professional photographer there shooting a woman!  Also, I started to hear, “Oh look at this one, so good!” And it was not visitors viewing photography on the wall;  it was them looking through their cellphone’s photos.  

I then headed down the main drag to the west to visit a great used (and new) book store, Haslam’s Book Store.  It was fun to look through the artsy books, some very new, some very old.  You really can find all sorts of books here.  A great place to stop by whenever you are in St. Pete!

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