Visit with My Brain Surgeon Dr. Etame

As you (might) know, over two years ago a large brain tumor was found in my head.  Dr. Arnold Etame conducted the surgery in August 2016.  I visit him a few times each year to see how my brain is healing.  Today, Mike, my Mom, and I went to see my brain surgeon to see the results from the MRI a couple of days ago.

Me & Dr. Arnold Etame
Me & Dr. Arnold Etame

Looking at the report for the MRI, it seems like there are minimal changes in the current tumor, an oligodendroglioma (grade 2).  The MRI report states, “There is no increased or abnormal enhancement.”  And, of course, visiting with Dr. Etame concludes that it is all OK.  Thank you, Dr. Etame for your information to help me understand what goes on in my brain!!

From what I have read and found, tumor remnants can get bigger or smaller.  It’s hard to tell, especially with slight different MRI positions each time.  If the tumor continues to get larger, your surgeon will probably offer you some options for treatment.  

At any rate, I always get nervous before even going to get the MRI!  A little less to go meet with my surgeon.  The overall positive thing is that my brain is healing well and working better than it has in a long time!!

Here I am with some of the Moffitt women when getting my MRI, along with Mike and my Mom after visiting with Dr. Etame:

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