Love for Notre Dame

I was so sad to see the Notre Dame burning in Paris. It really turned my afternoon around. I was stuck to the news on TV, as well as visiting many Parisian newspapers. As you may know, I am not a religious person. But having lived in Paris for a year and visited afterward, I always stopped by the Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is a huge, well-aged church. It is one of the largest from its time range. Inside, you would have seen very detailed pieces in the church and on the walls and dividers. The glass work is indescribable.

The thought is that on the roof areas they are trying to update, something sparked the fire. I have read they were able to move a lot of the items out of Notre Dame — one good thing to a large fire.

I want to focus on the good memories of living and visiting Paris. Below are some of my wonderful memories at Notre Dame — all photos from me and/or my camera — please ask before using any photos. (Yes, no cellphones back then!!)

Here is a couple of pages from my Paris memory book:

Here are more photos from Notre Dame — click on any pic to see more details.

I hope with donations and rework the Notre Dame will be back and welcoming.

If you would like to support Notre Dame, please use the organization that had already raised money for the current updates. It is called the Friends of Notre Dame and is a part of the cathedral.

They have posted in 2017 a tour of the roof from ” Philippe Villeneuve, Architecte-en-chef des Monuments historiques, restoration architect for Notre-Dame in Paris. An excerpt from a documentary by Sabine Pacini on the life of the cathedral that aired on the French television network TF1 on January 29, 2017. Used with permission.”

En Francais with English below

If you are interested in the news from yesterday, The Guardian has a great, informational page, called “Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Paris Live Updates”.

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