About Me

Hello! My name is Gail.  I’ve had The Gail Spot for at least 15 years. A few years ago I decided to redo the entire site, so The Gail Spot is currently still being updated.

Here are some points about me:

*I have lived in Hollis, NH; Shrewsbury, MA; Portsmouth, RI; Nashua, NH; Paris, France; Northampton, MA; New York, NY; and Palm Harbor, FL.

*At times, I become obsessed with research on my family’s ancestry.  I have even assisted friends with their research.  I started a blog with some findings at Root – Branch – Nest.

*Green is my favorite color.

*I love to garden.  When I was in NYC, I took care of the whole space behind my apartment building.  It looked really nice.  I’ve seen pictures now that no one kept it up :(.  But now where I live, it is sunny throughout the year, and I can garden-away all through the year.  I am also obsessed with the Monarch butterflies and helping to keep a specific plant that onto which they put their eggs.  And the eggs hatch and become caterpillars who only can eat this milkweed plant. PS – I probably learned a lot of gardening tips from my Dad.  Due to my obsession, I have started work on a garden site, Gail’s Own Garden.

*My evening obsessions are puzzles and crosswords.  They help me relax and sleep well.

*I love art and openings and museums and pretty much anything to do with art.  And a lot of artsy, unique music, also! (I’m sure you will see both of these things posted on my blog as I become obsessed.)

*My cats are amazing creatures with their own personalities.  I do like dogs, too.  But cats are great friends and much easier if you are going away for just a weekend!  My husband and I currently have 2 cats.  One, Foof, is very funny.  So, he has his own site, Foof the Cat. Hope you enjoy it!

*I really got into scrapbooking pictures and being artsy about 10 years ago.  I still have a ton of paper and scrapping goodies, but stopped doing it about a while ago.  Time to do some more!

*I also love reading – books, magazines – online or offline! I often pay at Amazon or get cheap or free at the library.

*I really do love to set up websites.  And I have learned a lot about SEO.  So, I launched my own business, One Site Marketing, to help other people and companies with their sites.