Other Places on the Internet to Find THEGAILSPOT!

(Although, apparently if you Google “thegailspot”, you will find me as well!)

Here are site locations all about me:

  • Don’t use Instagram that much.  But probably will now that Facebook purchased and united.
  • A quite detailed résumé at the Linkedin site.
  • Pinterest is simply an obsessive place for me.  I can spend hours easily.
  • Tumblr with my pretty, artsy posts.
  • My Twitter locale…don’t use that very often.
  • Check out some funny and unique videos I post on YouTube.  Please feel free to subscribe to my channel there.
  • My site with a blog from 2003 to 2006 is found on the Archive page here.
  • Started a blog about family tree research a few years ago.  Check out Root – Branch – Nest.
  • Launched in 2017 is a site all about one of my cats, Foof.  Foof the Cat is a fun, personable site that shares photos and videos of him.

And here are some of my FAMILY members:

  • My father, Peter Johnson, is a true New-Englander who loves to fish.  When he got close to retirement, he was able to take over a Martha Vineyard’s local fishing lure company, Roberts Lures.  They make and sell their own products that are known globally to assist in catching certain breeds of fish.
  • My brother, Scott Johnson, started and has owned his business for many years.  It’s called Certified Retail Solutions — a company that a lot of companies need and use!
  • My brother, Chris Johnson, has lived out west in Oregon for quite some time.  He works with famous and talented music producer Sylvia Massy as her studio‘s manager. They have written several books together. Also, Chris is truly Reverand Christopher Johnson at the Church of Divine Transformation.  “The Church of Divine Transformation celebrates the beautiful truth that all living things are connected. Further, we believe that life has a specific purpose and that we all must strive towards realizing our fullest potential.”
  • My nephew, Taylor Queen, is a wonderful photographer – spent a lot of time serving us and taking pictures in the Air Force.  He now runs his own photography service, Royal Customer Photography, which is also available to follow on a Facebook page.

And here are FRIENDS:

  • Aly Borst is a wonderful Kundalini yoga teacher in the Berkeley/Oakland, CA area.  You can learn more at her site, The Purest Light.
  • Beinghunted is now a brand agency with an art gallery that Joerg Haas leads in Berlin, Germany.  Previously, there was a well-known blog and online shop that I helped him with a lot, including interviews.  These “old” items can be found on the site’s archive.