Many Mermaids!

They DO Exist!

A Mermaid Obsession

Gail + Holly = Mermaids
Gail + Holly = Mermaids

When my sister, Holly, came to visit me in April of 2017, we both went wacky over some mermaid tails.  Well, I guess it was mostly me…lol!  So, Holly, I have put together some visits and travels of the mermaid here on my site.  Please enjoy! There could be more visits added as well… And comments are definitely welcome!

And if anyone would like to send pictures with our tail, here’s what we are all currently using.

Aug ’17: Now at 9 pictures

Dec ’17: Up to 15 now!

May ’18: Added 3 more

Aug ’18: +1 photo

Nov ’18: +1 photo