May is Gray & Brain Tumor Awareness
Brain Tumor Chemo

Too Much Radiation and Chemo

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My Facebook Post: Update: Today would have been the end of my radiation treatment, but 2 weeks ago after 4 weeks of zaps, my blood parts went down like crazy. The chemo pills had caused low platelets and white blood…

Gail & Holly

Thank you, Sis!

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My taxi driver, a healthy & delicious chef, caring registered nurse, perfect SISTER week was amazing! Thank you, Holly Johnson Connell, for coming across the country from Oregon to catch up and all you did to support my healing. 💗 And we got…


Me and My Sis

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Just have to share this pic because it’s me and my sister!! She came for a whole week to drive me back and forth to get my “zaps” (radiation) treatment.  And made delicious, healthy meals daily.  Such a wonderful time with…

My Mask

Radiation – Halfway Done

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Radiology treatments (what I call my daily zaps) are almost half way complete with a positive, wonderful group! They even let my Mom, Betty Anderson, take pix, lol! Thank you to my daily drivers: Hillie Kupersmith and Carrie Elizabeth Johnson! And Mike Arhangelsky taking me there…

Love Rock

Positive Rock-work

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From Facebook: Sharing with you, friends! Not sure if this painting-a-rock is something happening all over, but it’s pretty big around here. Found a perfect one where I’ve been going daily for my radiation treatment!